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All BCA Subject List – Details 2023

All BCA Subject List

Welcome to our blog. Are you a BCA student? or do you want to join BCA? then you know about the BCA syllabus and all subjects. Today we are discus about BCA subject.

Guys BCA was now the most famous degree in Computer since. if you think you want to admiration on BCA then this post helping you. Bascaly BCA is 3 years degree program. if you 12th pass then you can join this program. in this degree, you learn about the basic fundamentals of computers and computer applications. this is a basic degree where you laen computer a to z on basic. In my BCA degree have the 6th semester.

All BCA Subject List - Details 2023
All BCA Subject List – Details 2023

Now in the BCA program subject and syllabus :

All BCA Subject List

BCA 1st semester subject has communication skill subject (English )  Basic Mathematics, Digital Electronics. Principles of Programming Languages and Computer Fundamentals. In this semester you learn about computers’ basic components and part fundamentals and their users.

Second Semester: In the second semester have  Business Communication, Mathematics Data Structure,  C Object-Oriented Programming Concepts, Organization, and Architecture.

Third Semester: The third semester has Accounting Database Management System, basic Computer Networks, Web Technology, and Operating System Concepts.

All BCA Subject List - Details 2023
All BCA Subject List – Details 2023

Fourth Semester: In the 4th semester best important subject is  Visual Basic Programming and com, puter language Java Programming Computer. you have also Graphics and Multimedia subject in the 4th semester.

Fifth Semester: In the 5th semester you learn about Data Communication, You learn Networking fundamentals theory, and pectoral. you work on a computer network and there are all protocols practical. What is a computer network and why need computer networking etc? You also learn databases and how to manage a database and  Database Administration.

Sixth Semester: In the final semester you have web and Advanced Web Technology. The most important topic is Software Testing Project Management, and Cloud Computing. You have also been practicing this semester. you need to attend a practical project.

Note: The exact list of subjects may vary depending on the university or institution offering the BCA program.

Guys, we are provided just basic concepts about the BCA syllabus. All BCA subjects are dependent on your college and your university. As per the university change the subject. So please contact your college.

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