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How to start a blog in 2023 blogging guide for beginners

How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging guide for beginners

Welcome to our blog website Guys, we hope there means you want to create a blog website or you want to earn money on a blog. Don’t worry you are in the right place guys, today your query is  “How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging Guide for Beginners “? Right. So we are covered with the portal in this post. we are providing proper gradience with pictures in this post that can help you more easily get in your success. Now How to start a blog we are divided this topic into two parts. One part which one if you are totally new you don’t know anything at that time how to start a blog.

the second part you have some knowledge about blogging or you are working on this platform but you need more knowledge about SEO and website customize.

Both can read this post we hope this post helped you with everything for blog knowledge A to Z.

Now time to start how to create a blog in 2023. before this question, we have one more question if it the right time can I start the blog website in 2023? is it valuable for this time? can I get successful and earn money on a blog website? this time of question has come to our mind. so don’t worry guys we are covering those questions in this post.

1st question is is this the right time or profitable in 2023? for this question, the answer is if you want to generate passive income then you can. if you work very dedicatedly then basely you get success. just you need to work dedicatedly on the blog, don’t worry we are giving you the best free guidance for your future career.

Looking for a simple best guide on starting a blog website? You’ve come to the right place! Pictar.It is provided the best guidance every time. 

Give us 25 minutes we guide you on how to create a website and how to set up a blog with proper SEO.

Hello, Guys today I am Harsit Sarkar for your guidance. I hope you want to create a website. I will try to clarify this topic basically. Don’t worry I have experience more than 7 years in this blogging platform. Are you New? Then Guys Just you need to ask yourself some questions. I will provide all the questions please ask yourself and pick up your best choice .after that you continue this post.

Clear yourself this question:

  • why you join this blogging platform
  • Are you interested written a new topic?
  • Which one is the best strong point?
  • Choose the best category for a blog
  • Do you have time and how much time do you have?

I hope you have all your questions answered. so why did you join this blogging field? if you have a goal in the blogging field, not only earn money then this platform you. But if you have money in a short time then I do not suggest this platform guys. Because this platform takes time, It’s not possible how much take time earn money on this platform. So Guys Be careful you have time and after that, you work any platform. Not only this platform all social media platforms which one giving money or earning potential is not finding how much time takes get success.

2nd question do you ready want to work on this platform? if you are ready like and you just love this work you are welcome. Not like that one friend telling you and you want you decided you join this platform if you learn in this platform then you learn who is getting success in this platform their biography and story, how to get success, and how much time it takes, how many time they are giving, etc.

3rd question is when you decide you join this platform. then you want to choose the best category as per your knowledge and interest. Don’t choose which one short field. If you knew then you choose a log category don’t choose a short category. like the mobile phone is a log category there are a lot of options you are write-in this category but any particles mobile model is a shote category don’t choose this. Because after a few months, you are not grating topic to write your category.

My recondition is that if you are totally new then you chose the news or the current topic. Last question I already discuss guys. you need time with your dedication.


Now guys finally you choose or select which category you are working on for your blog. Just analyze your topic. how much traffic is there and how many competitors are there?

If you do not know how to check there are 2 methods in the blog I cover both methods .1st method is totally free, Google is provided a free keyword analysis platform where you reach your keyword. This Google keyword planner is the best free platform. this one uses a lot of bloggers for finding new keywords and knowing more about target keywords.

How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging Guide for Beginners

Guys I use keywords do you know what is a keyword? Because Keywords is a commonly mostly using in blogging. Basically, the keyword is a topic name which is one of the words and phrases that people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for something. For example, if you were looking to buy a new car, you are typing something like that “ Best car ”. We are using keywords when we serve anything on Google or any search engine.

How to find the best category? how to choose a niche for blogging?

In this blogging category, there is a new tram micro niche. A micro niche is a particular small part or piece of a category.

Some bloger expart are work in micro niech bloging . In this micro-niche some benefits are available. Micro niche blogging you need not need a lot of content. In this case, you need dep of any particular category. another benefit of a micro niche blog website is ranking in a short time on any search console.


Now Guys How to find the Best Keyword in Details Step by Step :

Please follow those steps: Guys in the blogging field most important you can say mostly the main part is keyword finding and keyword analysis.  How can you do that?

1st of all you have 2 options for keyword analysis. I already discussed, one is Google keyword planner other is paid tools. for example Semrush, Ahrefs, etc.

How to use Google keyword planner?

How to use: You need to Sign in to your Google Ads account. If you don’t have an account, then please create  Google ads account. If you do not know what is google account then let me explain the Google Ads account provided a Google ads service that can help reach your targeted audience. At that time you can check your and track performance metrics like clicks, impressions, etc.  you can create and manage campaigns and track performance using the Google Ads account dashboard.

Let’s Create a Google Ads account: Go to your google apps manager and check the google ads option.

How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging Guide for Beginners

Google ads account
Google ads account

Please check the screenshot and find the option. after that create your account. after that you have done your account setup you can see that type of interface. check the screenshot.

How to start a blog in 2023 blogging guide for beginners
How to Start a blog in 2023 Blogging guide for beginners


Click on the “Tools & Settings” option from the top menu and select “Keyword Planner.” next you  Choose the option to discover new keywords. “Find new keywords” or “Get search volume and forecasts.” Enter your keyword and what one you choose for blogging.

After entering your keyword you can see the result. You can check any keyword search volume, competition, and results on Google. when you find a keyword that time you need to focus on low-competition keywords with high valium that can help you for a blogging career .this task takes your time. Be patient and find some best low-competition keywords on which you can write a post. Don’t choose any keyword that you are not comfortable with post creation. Because the post is a main thinks which one giving you the visitor.

The other keyword or SEO tools are the same but those tools are paid tools. if you are a beginner then you can use Google Keyword Planner when you get some money from blogging then you can move on to paid tools.

However, if you want paid tools then 1st of all you need to create an account and after that, you can use the tool. they are provided some extra options like you can audit your blog website you can getting more details about your keyword and you can check also competition level also.

Remember that any Keyword tool is just a tool when you find a keyword that time you need to verify it by yourself after that you take the final decision. please improve your judgment and research skills to choose the best keywords for your blog website.

Guys, now you are done with 2 tasks in 1step. you have some keywords which you analyze with your proper competition level with your competitor details. Now you need to Choose a domain for your website. Now the question is how to choose the best domain for our blog website. Don’t worry I share my own explanation. How can I choose any domain when I want to create a blog website?

Flowing the setup: Guys Domain is your branding name which represents your status and name. So when choosing a domain please take a short name of 4 words or 5 words and easy to readable. Chose a top-level extension for your website. For example, .com, .in, or .org are top-level domain extensions. Your first prefer .com  after that anyone. Don’t choose any domain whose name is repeatedly one alphabet again and again.

There are a lot of platforms available for domain purchases as per your interest you can go. For example, in India today, Namecheap, Bluehost, hosting, etc.

When you purchase a domain name that time just you need to very which brand you choose that particular brand is at least 10 years old, don’t buy any new domain provider because if you purchase a domain from a new service provider then after one year when you want to go review your domain that time some service provider is demand more extra charges. otherwise you count review your domain at the time. So be careful in this problem happened when your website is running good position.

So my recommendation is that choose an old service provider who is almost 10-15 years old service provider.

How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging guide for beginners

Now you need hosting. what is Hosting? Do you know what is hosting?

Hosting is basically storing your serving files, data, or websites on a server that is connected to the internet. Essentially, hosting is like renting a space on a server where your content or data can be stored and available for others to access via the internet.

For example, your website all data needs to store on the internet for website visitors. in this process hosting or server can charge your all website data for another user. like your website blog post, website image, and another file. which our server or hosting might be impossible.

There are many different forms including shared hosting (where you host multiple websites and share resources on the same server), dedicated hosting (where a single website has exclusive access to a server), and cloud hosting (where resources are distributed across multiple servers in a network).

As per your budget, you can purchase hosting. 1st Share hosting is very chip after that cloud hosting. dedicated hosting is very costly. Now if you beginner then you can go with shared hosting when you improve your blog and earn money on your blog that time you can change your server.

Guys don’t think that if you purchase or choose any hosting that one fined you cant change actually not like that you can change your server any time when you want. Currently, in India and other countries, many hosting service providers are available on the Internet. But the same thing applies to hosting also don’t choose any new service provider. Every time chose the best and reported hosting provider. Check The hosting provider review on youtube after that choice. we are an upcoming post discussing which hosting provider is good for new bloggers. Please check our website.


There are some hosting providers Hostinger, Bluehost, GoDaddy, site ground, etc. you can check their hosting prices and choose as per your choice.

Finally, you are done 1st the round. you have now domain hosting and your blogging niche. Now read to host your website online.

Next Step you need 100%, attention Guys. Now we are connected domain which is our hosting This is a very important part Because, with our hosting and domain connection, you can’t do anything. So let’s connect the domain with the hosting.

This process takes some time. However, find your nameserver on your hosting account. mostly hosting provided their user panel or Cpanel, just logging your account on your hosting account and after that find your hosting name servers. Every hosting provider is a different interface so please check very carefully and find your name server. there are 2 name servers needed please check 2 name servers are available on your account.

When you find your name server then you go to your domain account and logging your account. Please put your name server and update. if count finds where you put your name server please take help from your domain service provider they are helping you. This process is different because the domain name service provider is different.

Guys this Ponting takes some time up to 72 hours It depends on your service provider. So please wait some time and take a break. I hope you learn a lot of things at a time so take a long rest guys.

Now Guys I hope your domain and your hosting are connected to each other. Congratulation guys, you are done with 2nd step. Please thank yourself. Now Install your WordPress on your website throw your Cpanel. I will provide some screenshots please check those screenshots very carefully.

Choose This WordPress option and install it with your new database username and password. Check the scend screenshot.

Please check the screenshot. just your website name in the website title and other options put your database name as you like with your password which one you want to be set on your database. This password need when you want to access your database.

After this process, you need to set up your WordPress website. like your WordPress theme installation and your website SEO with your website layout.

Now Guys access your WordPress website throw your username and password. Please login to your WordPress dashboard. I give you screenshots WordPress website dashboard.

This type of WordPress dashboard. now find your appearance option and add a new theme. The WordPress theme basically represents your website layout. On this website, we use a newspaper theme. as per your choice the best theme.

Now the question is how to choose the best theme.

In the best theme, those options are available. Check the following point.

  • WordPress themes are responsible for mobile and other devices.
  • The theme size needs to be very light.
  • The theme is SEO friendly
  • Theme userfrindly , Esay to use .
  • Upcoming day’s latest updates are available.

If you want the best theme then you can purchase a new theme for your website. i recommended you newspaper theme and generate press theme, both themes are best in blogging Defintely you go with this theme.

Where did you buy this newspaper theme? you can visit the official website or Themeforest website.


Finally, you chose your theme for the website, just upload and activate your theme. after theme activation just uses theme design and set up your website layout.

Guys when you design your website you need to follow some points. like that need to logo for your website name. if you don’t know to create a logo then you can go canvas and design a logo for your website. create some categories for posts, create some menus .home, blogs, and news like that as per your website need.

After that you need to have some important website pages about us, contact us, privacy policy page, team and condition page, sitemap, and website disclaimer page, don’t forget to create all those pages. ALL those pages are very important for any website as a website owner and visitor also. you can help google for reference, not use another website text on your website. create your own about us and another page also and update them on your website.

How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging Guide for Beginners

Now we are discus about WordPress dashboard with details :


WordPress websites have some important features. lets me explain: When you log in to your WordPress dashboard then you can see those option.

Posts: in your WordPress posts option you can create a blog and edit your post to check your post related to all details.  Other things you can manage your post category like creating a new category and managing your category etc. Mostly you are using this option when you work on your website.

Pages: In the page option guys you can manage your page-related things. You can manage your home page on another important pages including an “About Us” page, a “Contact Us” page, etc. mostly you need to set up only one time when you create or design your website.

Media: This option allows you to manage all the media files on your website, such as images, videos, and audio files. You can upload new files on your website, view existing ones, and organize them into folders. All those things you can do in this section.

Comments:  you manage the comments on your website. You can easily approve, delete, or edit comments in this section. this is a very interesting part of your website if you allow comments on your website then your visitor is a command on your website .that can motivate if any one visitor is appreciated on her or his command.

Appearance: This option allows your website design and your website layout-related future. you to customize the website design of your website. You can choose a theme and change your theme and delete your theme and upload your theme. Now another set you can customize the header and footer, and add widgets to your sidebar. More a lot of things you can do in this section.

Plugins: In this section allows you to add new functionality to your website by installing plugins. Plugins can help you do everything from optimizing your site for search engines to adding social media sharing buttons, etc. This section is like your mobile phone play store. If you need any new options then you just install new apps for the play store .same like that if you need some extra options you need to plugins in this section. My recommendation is that don’t use any unnecessary plugins.

Users: This option allows you to manage the users on your website. You can add new users, edit existing ones, and set their roles and permissions. This option needs when working with another person on your website you can add and create a new account. any time you can delete any user account if you are login as a website admin. Admin can do everything website editing, customization, everything. admin can manage all user posts and their accounts. if you need to allow any other user who can create a post then you just simply allow for the post author.

How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging Guide for Beginners

Tools: Tools to help you manage your website, such as importing and exporting data. In this option, you can be optimizing your database in this section.

Settings: This option allows you to configure various settings for your website, such as your site title and tagline, your permalink structure, and your comment settings. In this option, you can change your website title and tagline which is visible on your website’s top header.

Guys more options are available on the WordPress dashboard if I discuss all set in one post then this post make it very big, so we discuss it shortly. if you have any doubts then you can just contact us we are trying to resolve your query as soon as possible.


Now guys as per your theme setup your website layout and update your important page on your website. after that, you need to create the most powerful blog in the post section.

Go to the post section and create a new post and write a blog post. Now guys how to create the best blog post. Don’t worry guys now we are discus how to create the best SEO-friendly blog post.

Please follow this point and make a powerful blog post :

Guys, when you search for any topic mostly in search engines there, are many results savable. I hope you noticed that. But why any visitor is like your post? this thinks you need to manage how to create the best blog or post. You need to write the best post for your website. When you make any blog post that time you need to very clear and very easy way to define your post with a sample sentence.

Do not use any uncommon word that one user not identifies. try to use sample sentences and active voice. write your post easy to read. use short sentences. Website post is a main part of any blog website. so be careful to create a good quantity of content. Don’t forget to use pictures on your website.

We are trying to next post how to create an SEO-friendly post on any blog website. Please visit our website we are always with you.

Thank you



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    Устройства обладают регулируемым сопротивлением и уровнями нагрузки, что дает возможность индивидуализировать занятия в соответствии с задачами любого пациента.
    Все тренажеры актуальны для кинезитерапии по рекомендациям врача физиотерапевта Бубновского. Оснащены рукоятками для комфортного осуществления тяг в наклоне или стоя.

  12. is for adults looking for fun, flirty encounters rather than serious dating. The site is aimed at the younger crowd, though there are older members there and some seeking longer term relationships. It offers free membership for women, while men can join for free but must pay for additional services such as email.

    Flirt has been recently revamped and is designed for people looking for casual dating. Most people there are in their twenties and early thirties, though there is no upper age limit. It’s owned by the Cupid Dating network and caters mostly to members in the UK, the U.S. and Australia, though membership is open to anyone.

    Flirt is “spicier” than your regular dating site – don’t expect to find your next significant other there.

    Naughty mode
    This site is designed to have a light, fun feel to it. It is not intended to be an “adult” site, though there is some mature content. Most adult content can be blocked by switching-off “naughty mode” (the initial setting).

    This will hide any images that are explicit. Flirt is a worth a look if you are single and looking to meet new people and have a little fun. Those looking for more serious relationships would probably be better off looking elsewhere.

    Features is feature rich, offering email, message boards, chat rooms, member diaries, videos as well as basic flirts and emails. Flirt has a dedicated mobile site for those wanting access their matches on the go. They also sponsor speed dating and other live events for those who want to meet someone in person.

    Women have access to all features of for free. Men can join for free, but will need a paid membership in order to use some features of the site. Despite being free for women there is still a very high proportion of male users.

    Flirt ist ok. A few fake profiles (like everywhere), a few cam girls (like everywhere) and a few scammers (like everywhere) but generally the site seems to be real. Personally prefer because i’ve actually hooked up twice using it, but just wanted to try somethin’ new so decided to give Flirt a chance.
    Not worth it. I had no luck on this site after six months.
    Though it’s a casual site, I met my love here. So everything’s in your hands. Try, you won’t lose anything.
    Good site for flirting and one night stands! Unfortunately one day this won’t be enough for you and flirt cannot offer you something serious.
    I’m really glad that a friend of mine gave me the advice to register on Flirt to make my life more spicy. I wasn’t really going to have anything more than just a naughty chat but it turned out that there’s a nice lady in mt city who’s willing to date with me. I’m freaking happy now
    Though it’s a casual site, I met my love here. So everything’s in your hands. Try, you won’t lose anything.
    This site is bull****, it’s a total scam, the profiles of women are not even real they are all fake, when you create a profile and it becomes active they suck you in by sending you lots of messages and winks from so called women which are not even real and don’t actually exist and because you can’t read the messages as an unpaid member to be able to read the messages you have to subscribe and pay for a membership then once you do that and you respond to the messages you don’t get a reply back.
    This site claims that singles are in your area, but in truth that they live elsewhere. I had received a lot of mail from people that the site claimed were in my area, but they actually lived far away. Beware of scammers as well, I have found quite a bit of them on this whose profiles seemed to be processed quickly since their information is available. However, those members who may actually be real usually have the contents of their profile information pending. I’ve seen a lot of scam activity on this site and very little actual people.
    Cute looking site like many others however only here I’ve had 5 dates within 3 weeks after the start. Also I should note that flirt sometimes really hard to use and it’s taking some time to feel yourself comfortable during usage of it and actually it’s not because of gliches or something simply the pictures of buttons are obvious so sometimes you can find yourself on the page you haven’t wanted to open. However I should admit that in the end it worth all the troubles in the start.
    Hi everyone. I didn’t have very high expectations of this sort of thing. However, I have loads of fun talking to people and an amazing amount of interest is being shown in me. Hope things will get even better when I add my photo, hehe 🙂 you guys better do this too, if you haven’t yet 😉 5*
    Just a warbibg to others. This website sometimes states that people are in cities that they are not. For example, the site may say that they’re in Chicago when they may actually be in Dallas.
    Great site! Met some great people and got chatting on the phone with a local using the ‘Talk Live’ feature. I wasn’t expecting much from the whole ‘online dating’ thing other than a bit of joking around and wind-ups, a lot of the feedback from web dating isn’t that reassuring. After signing up for a trial I had a lazy look around the site, but didn’t make much of it, it looks well designed and is easy to navigate, but the abundance of options was a bit overwhelming for a beginner like me. I didn’t go back to it until a few weeks later, I was bored and lonely on a Saturday afternoon and the reason that I joined a dating site became very much apparent again! So i had another crack at it and decided to try and get something out of it this time. After I made the effort to fill in my profile and what I was looking for in a match things got better very quickly. Got chatting with a member who at my request agreed to having a chat over the phone (this might scare some people or way or sound a bit forward, but the talk live feature uses an anonymous caller id so neither party’s numbers are given away, so it’s less of a big deal), and started up a bit of a regular thing with her! Maybe I’m lucky, or maybe it’s my good looks and charm;). Since then we’ve been on a couple of nights out together and get on well… I haven’t been online since! Fingers crossed!!!

  13. Online dating is a fantastic thing when you find a website or app that really works for you. With estimates as high as 8,000 dating sites available worldwide, however, it can be hard to discern which dating websites are complete wastes of time. In preparing for this review, I saw a very familiar template and knew exactly what I was looking at. Here’s a sneak peek:

    We like to do a lot of dating site reviews here at Beyond Ages to eliminate fake sites and time wasters. Since your online dating experience can only be as good as the website you use, it’s an important factor. By pointing you in the right direction with a detailed review, you can spend more time on actual dates. That’s how it’s meant to work, right?

    You need to be using at least one or two of the top dating apps right now if you want to get any real results. So many people exclusively look online now, thanks social distancing, that you can’t avoid it even if you want to. Fortunately there are a few great options out there for most people, you just need to do your research first.

    How we reviewed
    A lot of the reviews seem to cover the site based on a cursory glance. Rather than just talking about how the site looks and how I assume it would function, I want to go deeper.
    I’ll always set up a free profile, only filling out the mandatory fields at first. What I’m looking for here is to see if I’ll receive a bunch of inbox spam. Fake dating websites will often have a bunch of fake accounts that try to fool you into signing up for their premium service. Since no real user would message a blank profile, a busy inbox straight away means you’re seeing spambots.

    No matter how this turns out, I’ll then use the site for a week or two with this free account. I’ll add profile photos and complete my bio like normal. My aim is to set up as many dates as possible as a free user. I’m looking to see if it’s even possible and if so, how the experience compares to some of the more popular sites. After that, I move on to a paid account several weeks after that. I want to see if the premium perks make it any easier for me to set up dates.

    All in all, I end up with a far better understanding of what it’s like to actually use the site. This makes for a far more informative review. If I can save just one person from being scammed, all this effort is totally worthwhile.

    Every BeyondAges writer follows strict and verifiable guidelines. Unlike other dating sites, our reviews are always up-to-date and sourced by local experts–not rehashes of stuff you can find elsewhere.

    Methodology Description
    Rigorous Testing Conducting thorough reviews of dating apps and websites through extensive use over weeks/months.
    Anecdotal Experience Utilizing the practical experiences of a large team of dating and relationship coaches.
    Expertise Leveraging decades of practice in the dating scene to provide up-to-date and impactful advice. We balance subjectivity in an objective framework to give our readers a more wholistic frame of reference for modern dating.
    Continuous Learning Exploring new approaches to dating success to ensure advice remains relevant and effective. This includes out-of-the-box thinking to discover new trends and hacks.
    Online Focus We place a significant focus on how online dating and virtual communication affect modern dating dynamics. From apps, sites, chat rooms, video calls – we delve deep into the pros and cons.
    User Engagement Engaging with readers to comment and share their experiences to build a vibrant community, enhance trust, and ultimately create a better dating experience.
    Affiliate Disclaimer:
    At, some of our links are affiliate links, meaning we may earn a commission if you click on them and make a purchase at no additional cost to you. This does not influence our content; our opinions, reviews, and articles are based on objective analysis and remain unbiased.

    Please note that we do not directly sell products; our links lead to third-party websites with their own terms and policies. Your support through these links helps us maintain our site and continue delivering valuable content to our community.

    Thank you for trusting and being a part of our journey.

    Our Full Review: Fun or None?
    No need to hide the conclusion for this site all the way at the bottom. It’s part of a massive network of fake dating websites that seem to point back to If you’re not familiar with this network, I’d suggest reading through the rest of Flirt review anyway. The more you can understand and look out for these fake sites, the safer your credit card will be.

    AFF (which you can try for free) is one of the largest hookup sites out there right now and where we’ve seen guys especially get good results, which makes it’s biggest competitor. A great first step to any review is a brief comparison between the best option out there (AFF) and Flirt.

    So, below is a quick comparison so you can see how the two stack up.

    Our Recommendation
    In all honesty, disappoints on almost every front except usability. While the website’s layout is user-friendly and easy to navigate, it serves no real purpose when the only “women” I ended up conversing with turned out to be individuals located who knows where. Overall, my experience left much to be desired.

    The initial giveaway was the profiles themselves. Most of the profiles I encountered were nearly empty, containing only basic information. I frequently encountered profiles of women seeking men aged 18-96, which deviates from the norm where most dating apps feature users with more specific criteria for potential matches.

    Here is a screenshot of the typical interactions I experienced with users who messaged me. In my experience, nobody initiates a conversation like this. Typically, women would begin with a simple “hi,” “hello,” or a comment about your profile. However, the messages I received from users appeared to be generated by bots. It immediately put me on guard, signaling that I was dealing with a low-quality site primarily focused on coaxing users into subscribing to their premium services.

    Questionable message 1

    Questionable message 2

    When you compare it to the top sites out there now, like AFF, it looks even worse.

    I was looking for a hookup, so I used AFF instead. They boast over 60 million (real) users and are specifically targeted at hookups. I can send a handful of messages and expect a few replies even if my messages might be branded as “generic”. It’s infinitely better than giving this dodgy network your hard-earned money.

    If AFF doesn’t do it for you, we recently reviewed all of the top dating apps and websites out there. Have a look through that list and see what appeals to you most.

    How Did I Recognize That This Site Was Suspicious?
    After spending extensive time writing detailed dating site reviews, I’ve become acquainted with larger networks in the industry. In the case of TopOffers, a significant portion of their websites seems to share the same template and tactics. I’ve examined and reviewed these sites, and I could quickly discern that was just another site in their lineup of subpar dating platforms. Take a look at the five other sites within their network, and you’ll notice the striking similarity. As evident, closely resembles them as well.

    Site design similar to other sites
    Site design similar to other sites

    Other sites with a similar design

    They seem to register a collection of cringe domain names like “” then duplicate the site over and over. About the only thing that really changes is the color scheme, honestly. So, the moment I logged into with my free account I knew exactly what to expect and I wasn’t surprised.

    hey seem to register an array of cringe-worthy domain names like “” and replicate the same site repeatedly. The primary difference typically lies in the color scheme. Consequently, the moment I logged into my free account, I immediately recognized what to expect, and I was far from surprised.

    What Is This “Top Offers” You Keep Mentioning? As I delved deeper into writing more dating site reviews, I began noticing recurring names in the footer. The more closely I examined, the more connections I unearthed. It turns out this network comprises a whopping 218 fake dating websites! Most of these fall under one of six shell companies:

    Bulova Invest Ltd
    Together Networks Holdings Limited
    Nelfor Services Limited
    Timespace Holdings Limited
    Kingsrock Holdings Ltd
    Northlock Holdings Ltd
    If you ever encounter any of these names in a dating website’s footer, it’s time to cancel your account. In my years of scrutinizing dating sites, I knew that any site affiliated with these companies would adopt the same template, employ the same tactics, and ultimately disappoint users—no meaningful connections, money wasted, and the looming concern that my credit card details might be misused.

    What Makes These Sites So Dubious?
    A legitimate question indeed and one that deserves an answer. In essence, nothing about the 218 sites within their network is genuine, but they employ tactics to feign authenticity. I would incessantly receive messages from profiles on the site, but they were all either hidden behind a paywall or required payment to reply. These would typically be flirtatious messages from bots aiming to deceive me into subscribing to a premium account. With any site resorting to such tactics, I could never recommend divulging your credit card information.

    What makes these sites so bad?
    This is a fair question and an important one to answer. In short, nothing about the 218 sites in their network are legitimate, but they use tactics to pretend otherwise. I would constantly receive messages from profiles on the site but they’re all behind a paywall or I had to pay to reply. These will be flirty messages from a bot that tried to trick me into paying for a premium account. With any site that’s going to use tactics like these, I could never suggest handing over your credit card information.

    Conversation behind a paywall
    Conversation behind a paywall

    Moreover, as I discovered in my Flirt review, they will utilize your information to populate their other websites as well. They replicate your profile on other dubious “dating” platforms, making you unwittingly endorse their bots.

    It’s essentially a colossal affiliate network—where you are the product. As the saying goes, “If you’re not paying for it, you’re the product.”

    My Advice: The moment you encounter this template and receive suspicious messages from “users” claiming to be single women interested in meeting up, run. Be vigilant for messages that feel inauthentic. While users on this site may appear overly eager to interact, exercise caution. Chances are, they are merely trying to coax you into subscribing without any assurance of an actual meetup.

    Instead of squandering your time on sites like, I recommend opting for a more trustworthy dating platform. If you’re seeking hookups, I suggest using Adult FriendFinder (AFF). In my experience, no other platform surpasses AFF when it comes to facilitating casual encounters. Unlike Tinder, where your profile picture often dictates your entire experience, AFF places a more significant emphasis on genuine sexual chemistry. Furthermore, you have the advantage of filtering users based on your preferences, ensuring you find plenty of singles who align with your desires. Need more details? Check out our full review of Adult FriendFinder to know more about why we always recommend this site!

    Between Adult FriendFinder and, the choice is clear, and I wholeheartedly endorse AFF. I believe you should too!

    Learn More about Fake Dating Sites with Beyond Ages:
    Want to learn more about more fake dating sites like Read our popular guide, The List of Fake Dating Sites You Should Avoid, and learn about some commonly-known and not-so-commonly-known scam sites out there:

    Author: Tom Senkus, Dating And Relationship Expert

    Excerpt: “Scammer dating sites often use overly attractive profiles to entice users. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    There are a couple of signs to look for when screening overly attractive profiles:

    All of their photos look professional and possibly sourced from a modeling agency

    None of their photos have local landmarks or locations that match their stated location

    Their profile has “salesy” language that seems to be flattering to the reader without any specifics (“I’m looking for an older man that’s looking to settle down…”)

    Their profile seems to be generated by AI (artificial intelligence)

    Overtly sexual language meant to entice users

    Sales funnels like OnlyFans or contacting on alternative messaging platforms (like Snapchat for trading pics)

    A large difference between the quality of profiles for legitimate profiles versus ones you suspect to be fake. Not to be negative, but exceptionally model-tier attractive people tend to not use dating apps regularly (or they use exclusive luxury dating apps,). If you find too many attractive women on a relatively new app, for instance, you can reasonably assume that the developers are “padding” the available matches.”

    Expert Publications on Online Dating Site Scams
    The rabbit hole goes deep when it comes to online dating scams and the behavior of vast criminal networks around the world. If you’re curious to learn more about avoiding scams, there are plenty of academic studies where you can learn about which scams are more prevalent, how sites are attempting to prevent illegal/manipulative behavior, and more:

    Ignatius Hua Nyam – Lecturer, Department of Liberal Studies/Directorate of Policing Training Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil-Kano State- Nigeria

    “There are several reasons behind the propagation of online scams. An individual’s greed of sharing the wealth with a specificwealthy online partner is one of the reasons. Poverty also drives desperate individuals into cybercrime that involves romance scams. Some victims are affected because they did not know any better. While their desire to have emotional attachment trap others.

    Chenyang Wang

    “In an era of widespread mass marketing scams on the Internet, many victims have reported varying degrees of financial loss and psychological damage after encountering lottery scams and advance payment scams. Among them, the emotional damage to victims of online dating scams may be even more severe because the whole scam process involves mental attachment, sexual abuse, and relationship breakdown. There is little help and support for victims throughout the scam process and even after the scam is over, which not only makes it difficult for victims to get timely and professional assistance after experiencing online scams, but victims even run the risk of being scammed by criminals again afterward, so timely help and professional psychological treatment for victims is of positive significance. In previous studies, there are fewer reports summarizing and analyzing the psychological conditions of victims.”

    Fangzhou Wang, Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of Texas at Arlington

    “Our observations indicate that scammers not only diversify their approaches to prompt more responses, such as appealing to their romantic relationships, asking for identifying information and requesting victims switch to private chat platforms, but they also use several techniques for getting victims to overcome their misgivings about sending the scammers more money. For example, scammers subtly persuade victims to see themselves as holding more power in the interaction than they do.”

    What’s your experience been like using Flirt? Comment below and share your experience with the BeyondAges community.
    Pros and cons
    No matter how dubious a site may be, there are usually some redeeming aspects. In the case of, however, the “positives” come off as thinly veiled criticisms:

  14. Since 1997, has worked with 70 million users, claiming to take them places where their wingmen or own finesse has failed. By helping you find common interests with potential dates and flings, the site gives you the building blocks to get talking, because as they say, “It all starts with flirting.” Their simple name entices you with visions of ready and cute singles eager to get to know you intimately right in your own town. But does this site really help you with your game, or is it all talk and no action?

    First Glance
    When you first sign up, you’re invited to choose which of two genders you’re attracted to. There’s no trans* option, couples option, or bisexual option, so from the get-go you’re boxed in for what looks like a largely hetero and vanilla hookup site. Whatever you choose, make sure you pick the right one when you sign up, because once you’re a member, there’s no changing who you’re attracted to, leaving bi babes in the dust.

    After registering, creating your profile is straightforward and user-friendly. You can put as much (or as little) detail into this section as you’d like, and pick any picture you think will draw those honeys in. As soon as you finish your profile, you’re pinged by a message from the site admin with lots of “special offers” to keep you hooked. From there, you’re all signed up and ready to start meeting the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in your city.

    The Dating Pool
    From the home screen, promises a wealth of single people right for you. You can filter them by popularity and recent activity. However, you’ll quickly realize that only the first forty-five people or so are available for free, making it a little hard to judge the types of people this site draws in.

    If you’re looking for men, though, the first few rows of eligible bachelors makes one thing is clear: you’d better like men who frown. Out of the available matches in the Bay Area, only two had something close to a smile in their profile picture. Most photos were grainy, and there wasn’t much to go on that suggested the matches there would be fun to spend time with.

    Maybe the straight men look so down in the dumps because the available women, although more friendly and bubbly-looking, all come with a huge asterisk. The majority of profiles looked fake. As soon as I signed up, women messaged me saying I was “interesting” even though my profile and photo gallery were entirely blank. Most of the women were bots at best, or swindlers at worst, and it was hard to know if there were any real and eligible local women looking to meet.

    Unique Perks
    In spite of these red flags, does have a few things that make it different from other browser-based dating and hookup sites. You can do the popular Tinder-style swiping from your desktop, so you can browse without having to read their whole profile (or pay for it).

    You are allowed to send five free messages daily, and participate in chatrooms like “Naughty but Nice” and “Kink Friendly,” so you can connect to more scintillating content with (potentially) real people in your area.

    On top of it all, you can send FlirtCasts. These public messages are sent to multiple active users in the area at once, testing the waters to see who’s interested in a date.

    The catch
    Frankly, everything about screams “scam.” For offering features that virtually every other dating website offers – and not with any grand improvements – is a money drain that seems to target men over 35 who may be less than tech-savvy.

    This website reads like a bad and expensive version of Tinder, and the problems don’t end there. Many men have reported being scammed after signing up. They receive dozens of messages from women, but can’t access them all unless they pay. Once handing their credit card information over to, the river of messages dries up. That’s because most of the messages are from bots, there to stress new users out until they buy credits, and the site then deletes unseen messages after twenty-four hours, giving users little time to consider whether they actually want to pay for the site at all.

    And remember that site admin who messages you at the beginning? Well, it keeps coming, promising a “special discount” for access to features – which, if you’d like to use this site, you really need. Only a user’s initial photo, tagline, and name are visible for free. Their bio, interests, and other information all require a membership. The special discount they offer is 30% off of their special prices, but once that discount ends, you’ll be paying…

    $1.50/day (or $4.50) for a Three Day Trial
    $2.14/day (or ~$64.20) for one month
    $0.77/day (or ~$69.30) for three months
    $0.62/day (or ~$111.60) for six months
    And if you’re still thinking a three-day trial looks harmless, think again. The fine print reads that your three day trial “automatically converts” into a monthly membership, meaning that your $4.50 has just become a recurring $64 a month. To make things worse, makes it very difficult for you to navigate cancellation. Many men report having to go as far as blocking from their cards in order to stop the payments.

    User beware! is one site you should stay very far away from. Although it may have started out as a legit dating and hookup site in the ‘90s, it’s devolved into a scam to steal money from men looking for lovin’. There are much better places to find a date, and you don’t need to drain your wallet to get there. I’m giving 1/5 stars.

  15. [url=][/url]

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  16. ntroduction To LocalFlirt

    LocalFlirt, a recently surfaced dating and hookup site has taken the forefront for many online daters looking to flirt. The website itself is fairly simplistic, with a small array of useful features and a nice middle-ground as far as costs go.

    This Local Flirt review features information on the site’s registration process, matching features and safety. We outline the most important ones in our pros and cons section, but if you’d like to decide whether LocalFlirt is right for you, then read on to find out all the details.

    Local Flirt Pros & Cons


    Quick, free, and simple registration process

    A variety of packages to choose from

    View who has visited your profile (premium feature)


    Cannot send a message to others unless you are a premium member or have credits

    Limited amount of features

    Local Flirt does not require any verification from its users

    Local Flirt Login Process

    Local Flirt has a quick and simple sign up process, making it easy to access and use the site straight away. What’s more, it’s completely free to register. All you have to do is click the “Join for free” button right under the homepage login form and you will be presented with the corresponding registration form.

    You will then be asked for the following:

    Create a username and password

    Choose whether you’re a man looking for a woman or vice versa

    Enter a US zip code

    Type in your email address

    Select your birth date

    The registration will be completed once you have clicked the indicated “Join now” button, just under the required fields.

    As with most dating sites nowadays, if you want to be successful in your dating attempts, you will need to have a complete and eye-catching dating profile. Once you’ve gained access to the site, you can visit your account page and start transforming your profile into a magnet for online daters. From there, you are able to:

    Change your username

    Add photos

    Describe yourself

    Fill in personal information such as your height, body type, hair color, etc.

    Access your settings (allowing you to change your password or email)

    Here’s a small tip from our researchers; Every time you exit the site, you will be signed out of your account. Select “remember me” the next time you log into LocalFlirt to avoid having to fill in your login information every time.

    Features Of LocalFlirt

    The Match Game

    Looking for some local flirt buddies? The “Match” game allows you to get matched with other users on the site without having to pay a penny. All you have to do is browse through the profiles recommended to you and click on either the “fire” or “x” emojis to like or reject them. It’s a match when two users have liked each other through the game, and from there you will be prompted to start chatting.

    Send a Gift

    A great feature for those who don’t mind spending a little dough on their favorite matches. Local Flirt allows you to gift message credits to other users on the site so you can keep the conversation going between you. Not everyone can afford paying per message, but with the right match, you might not need to pay a single penny!

    “Favorites” Feature

    “Favorites” allows you to add other people’s profiles to a list and unfortunately it’s not a free Local Flirt feature. The other person does not get notified, which makes it the perfect way to find them again, and contact them at your preferred time. You don’t have to juggle chatting with two people at once, save one of the two to your “Favourites” and get to them at a later time.

    Local Flirt Prices & Costs

    LocalFlirt is a freemium website which means it’s completely free to use if you just want to register and browse through people’s profiles. You are able to see some of their photos as well, however, others might be “locked”.

    In order to gain access to locked images you will need to become a premium member. Local Flirt has three memberships:

    LocalFlirt Memberships


    5 Free messages per 30 days

    Costs $12.95 / a month


    10 Free messages per 30 days

    Costs $10.95 / a month but is billed every 2 months


    15 Free messages per 30 days

    Costs $8.95 / a month but is billed every 3 months

    Becoming a premium member allows you to see who has visited your profile, and save profiles to your “Favorites” section.

    Additionally, LocalFlirt has a few extra packages for those who ran out of free messages. These credit packages allow you to purchase messages for the prices indicated below:

    Credit Packages

    Starter Package (Only for when you first register)

    Cost: $4.49 / Includes 5 messages / $0.90 per message

    Bronze Package

    Cost: $19.99 / Includes 10 messages / $2.00 per message

    Silver Package

    Cost: $39.99 / Includes 25 messages / $1.60 per message

    Gold Package

    Cost: $69.99 / Includes 50 messages / $1.40 per message

    Platinum Package

    Cost: $124.99 / Includes 100 messages / $1.25 per message

    Diamond Package

    Cost: $199.99 / Includes 250 messages / $0.80 per message

    How Safe Is LocalFlirt?

    Local Flirt is transparent about the fact that they do not conduct any background, criminal or identity checks for their users. This is mentioned in their Terms and Conditions, and while we can’t expect them to be infallible in their website security, some measures would have been nice.

    Unfortunately, that also means that there’s really no way to tell if the people you are conversing with on LocalFlirt are genuine. What’s more, considering that we were flooded with messages upon our first visit to the site, it’s highly likely that the site is not the safest to use.

    So, Is Local Flirt A Scam?

    No, Local Flirt is not a scam. It’s definitely not the safest dating and hookup site out there, but you get what you are promised with their memberships and credit packages.


    Overall, Local Flirt is a bare-bones dating site designed for open-minded people who are looking to have some NSFW fun. If you’re looking to flirt for free, it probably isn’t ideal for you, though. With its membership and credit system you might find chatting quite expensive for the benefits you get. Especially so if you consider the website’s lack of verification for its users.

    Other than that, LocalFlirt is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, and despite its limited amount of features, it’s not hard to get matched on the site. Overall, we didn’t have a negative experience either. Of course, we still got bombarded with a great number of messages straight away, but we also managed to have genuine conversations with a few users. So, based on our experience, Local Flirt is worth giving a try, but be mindful of the people you speak to.

    Local Flirt FAQ

    Is Local Flirt Legit?

    Yes, LocalFlirt is a legitimate dating site. Unfortunately, it does not have many security measures in place, which means that not everyone on the site is genuine. Some other Local Flirt reviews have covered this as well, so we’d recommend being careful with whom you’re chatting with.

    How Can I Contact Local Flirt?

    LocalFlirt can be contacted through the below:

    Phone number: +18773810324

    Email address:

    Their support team operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they typically reply within 24 hours to emails. Local Flirt also has a contact form which you can access through their platform (“Contact Us” option on the footer).

    How Do Premium Memberships Work On Local Flirt?

    LocalFlirt has 3 premium membership packages; Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each with a monthly charge and some messages included. Memberships grant you access to blurred photos on a profile, allow you to add profiles to your “Favorites” list, and show you who has viewed your profile.

    How Can I Get Free Local Flirt Message Credits?

    Unfortunately, Local Flirt does not offer a free trial to its users which means that you will have to spend some money if you want to chat with others on the site. Generally the site does not offer any free message credits to its users, but you can get some free message credits as gifts from other users.

    Does Local Flirts Offer Refunds?

    Refunds on LocalFlirts are done on a case-by-case basis. If you’d like to request one, you will need to submit the refund request to their customer service department.

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