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How to start a blog in 2023 blogging guide for beginners

How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging guide for beginners

Welcome to our blog website Guys, we hope there means you want to create a blog website or you want to earn money on a blog. Don’t worry you are in the right place guys, today your query is  “How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging Guide for Beginners “? Right. So we are covered with the portal in this post. we are providing proper gradience with pictures in this post that can help you more easily get in your success. Now How to start a blog we are divided this topic into two parts. One part which one if you are totally new you don’t know anything at that time how to start a blog.

the second part you have some knowledge about blogging or you are working on this platform but you need more knowledge about SEO and website customize.

Both can read this post we hope this post helped you with everything for blog knowledge A to Z.

Now time to start how to create a blog in 2023. before this question, we have one more question if it the right time can I start the blog website in 2023? is it valuable for this time? can I get successful and earn money on a blog website? this time of question has come to our mind. so don’t worry guys we are covering those questions in this post.

1st question is is this the right time or profitable in 2023? for this question, the answer is if you want to generate passive income then you can. if you work very dedicatedly then basely you get success. just you need to work dedicatedly on the blog, don’t worry we are giving you the best free guidance for your future career.

Looking for a simple best guide on starting a blog website? You’ve come to the right place! Pictar.It is provided the best guidance every time. 

Give us 25 minutes we guide you on how to create a website and how to set up a blog with proper SEO.

Hello, Guys today I am Harsit Sarkar for your guidance. I hope you want to create a website. I will try to clarify this topic basically. Don’t worry I have experience more than 7 years in this blogging platform. Are you New? Then Guys Just you need to ask yourself some questions. I will provide all the questions please ask yourself and pick up your best choice .after that you continue this post.

Clear yourself this question:

  • why you join this blogging platform
  • Are you interested written a new topic?
  • Which one is the best strong point?
  • Choose the best category for a blog
  • Do you have time and how much time do you have?

I hope you have all your questions answered. so why did you join this blogging field? if you have a goal in the blogging field, not only earn money then this platform you. But if you have money in a short time then I do not suggest this platform guys. Because this platform takes time, It’s not possible how much take time earn money on this platform. So Guys Be careful you have time and after that, you work any platform. Not only this platform all social media platforms which one giving money or earning potential is not finding how much time takes get success.

2nd question do you ready want to work on this platform? if you are ready like and you just love this work you are welcome. Not like that one friend telling you and you want you decided you join this platform if you learn in this platform then you learn who is getting success in this platform their biography and story, how to get success, and how much time it takes, how many time they are giving, etc.

3rd question is when you decide you join this platform. then you want to choose the best category as per your knowledge and interest. Don’t choose which one short field. If you knew then you choose a log category don’t choose a short category. like the mobile phone is a log category there are a lot of options you are write-in this category but any particles mobile model is a shote category don’t choose this. Because after a few months, you are not grating topic to write your category.

My recondition is that if you are totally new then you chose the news or the current topic. Last question I already discuss guys. you need time with your dedication.


Now guys finally you choose or select which category you are working on for your blog. Just analyze your topic. how much traffic is there and how many competitors are there?

If you do not know how to check there are 2 methods in the blog I cover both methods .1st method is totally free, Google is provided a free keyword analysis platform where you reach your keyword. This Google keyword planner is the best free platform. this one uses a lot of bloggers for finding new keywords and knowing more about target keywords.

How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging Guide for Beginners

Guys I use keywords do you know what is a keyword? Because Keywords is a commonly mostly using in blogging. Basically, the keyword is a topic name which is one of the words and phrases that people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for something. For example, if you were looking to buy a new car, you are typing something like that “ Best car ”. We are using keywords when we serve anything on Google or any search engine.

How to find the best category? how to choose a niche for blogging?

In this blogging category, there is a new tram micro niche. A micro niche is a particular small part or piece of a category.

Some bloger expart are work in micro niech bloging . In this micro-niche some benefits are available. Micro niche blogging you need not need a lot of content. In this case, you need dep of any particular category. another benefit of a micro niche blog website is ranking in a short time on any search console.


Now Guys How to find the Best Keyword in Details Step by Step :

Please follow those steps: Guys in the blogging field most important you can say mostly the main part is keyword finding and keyword analysis.  How can you do that?

1st of all you have 2 options for keyword analysis. I already discussed, one is Google keyword planner other is paid tools. for example Semrush, Ahrefs, etc.

How to use Google keyword planner?

How to use: You need to Sign in to your Google Ads account. If you don’t have an account, then please create  Google ads account. If you do not know what is google account then let me explain the Google Ads account provided a Google ads service that can help reach your targeted audience. At that time you can check your and track performance metrics like clicks, impressions, etc.  you can create and manage campaigns and track performance using the Google Ads account dashboard.

Let’s Create a Google Ads account: Go to your google apps manager and check the google ads option.

How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging Guide for Beginners

Google ads account
Google ads account

Please check the screenshot and find the option. after that create your account. after that you have done your account setup you can see that type of interface. check the screenshot.

How to start a blog in 2023 blogging guide for beginners
How to Start a blog in 2023 Blogging guide for beginners


Click on the “Tools & Settings” option from the top menu and select “Keyword Planner.” next you  Choose the option to discover new keywords. “Find new keywords” or “Get search volume and forecasts.” Enter your keyword and what one you choose for blogging.

After entering your keyword you can see the result. You can check any keyword search volume, competition, and results on Google. when you find a keyword that time you need to focus on low-competition keywords with high valium that can help you for a blogging career .this task takes your time. Be patient and find some best low-competition keywords on which you can write a post. Don’t choose any keyword that you are not comfortable with post creation. Because the post is a main thinks which one giving you the visitor.

The other keyword or SEO tools are the same but those tools are paid tools. if you are a beginner then you can use Google Keyword Planner when you get some money from blogging then you can move on to paid tools.

However, if you want paid tools then 1st of all you need to create an account and after that, you can use the tool. they are provided some extra options like you can audit your blog website you can getting more details about your keyword and you can check also competition level also.

Remember that any Keyword tool is just a tool when you find a keyword that time you need to verify it by yourself after that you take the final decision. please improve your judgment and research skills to choose the best keywords for your blog website.

Guys, now you are done with 2 tasks in 1step. you have some keywords which you analyze with your proper competition level with your competitor details. Now you need to Choose a domain for your website. Now the question is how to choose the best domain for our blog website. Don’t worry I share my own explanation. How can I choose any domain when I want to create a blog website?

Flowing the setup: Guys Domain is your branding name which represents your status and name. So when choosing a domain please take a short name of 4 words or 5 words and easy to readable. Chose a top-level extension for your website. For example, .com, .in, or .org are top-level domain extensions. Your first prefer .com  after that anyone. Don’t choose any domain whose name is repeatedly one alphabet again and again.

There are a lot of platforms available for domain purchases as per your interest you can go. For example, in India today, Namecheap, Bluehost, hosting, etc.

When you purchase a domain name that time just you need to very which brand you choose that particular brand is at least 10 years old, don’t buy any new domain provider because if you purchase a domain from a new service provider then after one year when you want to go review your domain that time some service provider is demand more extra charges. otherwise you count review your domain at the time. So be careful in this problem happened when your website is running good position.

So my recommendation is that choose an old service provider who is almost 10-15 years old service provider.

How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging guide for beginners

Now you need hosting. what is Hosting? Do you know what is hosting?

Hosting is basically storing your serving files, data, or websites on a server that is connected to the internet. Essentially, hosting is like renting a space on a server where your content or data can be stored and available for others to access via the internet.

For example, your website all data needs to store on the internet for website visitors. in this process hosting or server can charge your all website data for another user. like your website blog post, website image, and another file. which our server or hosting might be impossible.

There are many different forms including shared hosting (where you host multiple websites and share resources on the same server), dedicated hosting (where a single website has exclusive access to a server), and cloud hosting (where resources are distributed across multiple servers in a network).

As per your budget, you can purchase hosting. 1st Share hosting is very chip after that cloud hosting. dedicated hosting is very costly. Now if you beginner then you can go with shared hosting when you improve your blog and earn money on your blog that time you can change your server.

Guys don’t think that if you purchase or choose any hosting that one fined you cant change actually not like that you can change your server any time when you want. Currently, in India and other countries, many hosting service providers are available on the Internet. But the same thing applies to hosting also don’t choose any new service provider. Every time chose the best and reported hosting provider. Check The hosting provider review on youtube after that choice. we are an upcoming post discussing which hosting provider is good for new bloggers. Please check our website.


There are some hosting providers Hostinger, Bluehost, GoDaddy, site ground, etc. you can check their hosting prices and choose as per your choice.

Finally, you are done 1st the round. you have now domain hosting and your blogging niche. Now read to host your website online.

Next Step you need 100%, attention Guys. Now we are connected domain which is our hosting This is a very important part Because, with our hosting and domain connection, you can’t do anything. So let’s connect the domain with the hosting.

This process takes some time. However, find your nameserver on your hosting account. mostly hosting provided their user panel or Cpanel, just logging your account on your hosting account and after that find your hosting name servers. Every hosting provider is a different interface so please check very carefully and find your name server. there are 2 name servers needed please check 2 name servers are available on your account.

When you find your name server then you go to your domain account and logging your account. Please put your name server and update. if count finds where you put your name server please take help from your domain service provider they are helping you. This process is different because the domain name service provider is different.

Guys this Ponting takes some time up to 72 hours It depends on your service provider. So please wait some time and take a break. I hope you learn a lot of things at a time so take a long rest guys.

Now Guys I hope your domain and your hosting are connected to each other. Congratulation guys, you are done with 2nd step. Please thank yourself. Now Install your WordPress on your website throw your Cpanel. I will provide some screenshots please check those screenshots very carefully.

Choose This WordPress option and install it with your new database username and password. Check the scend screenshot.

Please check the screenshot. just your website name in the website title and other options put your database name as you like with your password which one you want to be set on your database. This password need when you want to access your database.

After this process, you need to set up your WordPress website. like your WordPress theme installation and your website SEO with your website layout.

Now Guys access your WordPress website throw your username and password. Please login to your WordPress dashboard. I give you screenshots WordPress website dashboard.

This type of WordPress dashboard. now find your appearance option and add a new theme. The WordPress theme basically represents your website layout. On this website, we use a newspaper theme. as per your choice the best theme.

Now the question is how to choose the best theme.

In the best theme, those options are available. Check the following point.

  • WordPress themes are responsible for mobile and other devices.
  • The theme size needs to be very light.
  • The theme is SEO friendly
  • Theme userfrindly , Esay to use .
  • Upcoming day’s latest updates are available.

If you want the best theme then you can purchase a new theme for your website. i recommended you newspaper theme and generate press theme, both themes are best in blogging Defintely you go with this theme.

Where did you buy this newspaper theme? you can visit the official website or Themeforest website.


Finally, you chose your theme for the website, just upload and activate your theme. after theme activation just uses theme design and set up your website layout.

Guys when you design your website you need to follow some points. like that need to logo for your website name. if you don’t know to create a logo then you can go canvas and design a logo for your website. create some categories for posts, create some menus .home, blogs, and news like that as per your website need.

After that you need to have some important website pages about us, contact us, privacy policy page, team and condition page, sitemap, and website disclaimer page, don’t forget to create all those pages. ALL those pages are very important for any website as a website owner and visitor also. you can help google for reference, not use another website text on your website. create your own about us and another page also and update them on your website.

How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging Guide for Beginners

Now we are discus about WordPress dashboard with details :


WordPress websites have some important features. lets me explain: When you log in to your WordPress dashboard then you can see those option.

Posts: in your WordPress posts option you can create a blog and edit your post to check your post related to all details.  Other things you can manage your post category like creating a new category and managing your category etc. Mostly you are using this option when you work on your website.

Pages: In the page option guys you can manage your page-related things. You can manage your home page on another important pages including an “About Us” page, a “Contact Us” page, etc. mostly you need to set up only one time when you create or design your website.

Media: This option allows you to manage all the media files on your website, such as images, videos, and audio files. You can upload new files on your website, view existing ones, and organize them into folders. All those things you can do in this section.

Comments:  you manage the comments on your website. You can easily approve, delete, or edit comments in this section. this is a very interesting part of your website if you allow comments on your website then your visitor is a command on your website .that can motivate if any one visitor is appreciated on her or his command.

Appearance: This option allows your website design and your website layout-related future. you to customize the website design of your website. You can choose a theme and change your theme and delete your theme and upload your theme. Now another set you can customize the header and footer, and add widgets to your sidebar. More a lot of things you can do in this section.

Plugins: In this section allows you to add new functionality to your website by installing plugins. Plugins can help you do everything from optimizing your site for search engines to adding social media sharing buttons, etc. This section is like your mobile phone play store. If you need any new options then you just install new apps for the play store .same like that if you need some extra options you need to plugins in this section. My recommendation is that don’t use any unnecessary plugins.

Users: This option allows you to manage the users on your website. You can add new users, edit existing ones, and set their roles and permissions. This option needs when working with another person on your website you can add and create a new account. any time you can delete any user account if you are login as a website admin. Admin can do everything website editing, customization, everything. admin can manage all user posts and their accounts. if you need to allow any other user who can create a post then you just simply allow for the post author.

How to Start a Blog in 2023 Blogging Guide for Beginners

Tools: Tools to help you manage your website, such as importing and exporting data. In this option, you can be optimizing your database in this section.

Settings: This option allows you to configure various settings for your website, such as your site title and tagline, your permalink structure, and your comment settings. In this option, you can change your website title and tagline which is visible on your website’s top header.

Guys more options are available on the WordPress dashboard if I discuss all set in one post then this post make it very big, so we discuss it shortly. if you have any doubts then you can just contact us we are trying to resolve your query as soon as possible.


Now guys as per your theme setup your website layout and update your important page on your website. after that, you need to create the most powerful blog in the post section.

Go to the post section and create a new post and write a blog post. Now guys how to create the best blog post. Don’t worry guys now we are discus how to create the best SEO-friendly blog post.

Please follow this point and make a powerful blog post :

Guys, when you search for any topic mostly in search engines there, are many results savable. I hope you noticed that. But why any visitor is like your post? this thinks you need to manage how to create the best blog or post. You need to write the best post for your website. When you make any blog post that time you need to very clear and very easy way to define your post with a sample sentence.

Do not use any uncommon word that one user not identifies. try to use sample sentences and active voice. write your post easy to read. use short sentences. Website post is a main part of any blog website. so be careful to create a good quantity of content. Don’t forget to use pictures on your website.

We are trying to next post how to create an SEO-friendly post on any blog website. Please visit our website we are always with you.

Thank you


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