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How To Start A News Website And Make Money

How To Start A News Website And Make Money

Guys Welcome to our blog website. I hope you are doing well. so let’s start our blog.

Are you looking for the best guidance for news website creation? Then you are right place. we are discus about how to create a news website.

Now Guys most important question is why a news website? in this question, the answer is news website content is unlimited. if you create a news website then you do not shortage of content. another benefit is you can cover your local news in the local language.

can you create a Bengali, Hindi, or English news website? Mostly creator works in three languages in India. Now if I want to create a new website then what is the basic need?

How To Start A News Website And Make Money

How to start a news website :

Important Point About News Website: News website is the most trending and popular option if you want to do blogging. if you create a news website if you work your best then you can get success in a short time. Choose your targeted audience and news type.

Guys we are already discussed how to create a WordPress website. please check our post.

However, guys, you have 2 options you can go with Blogger which can provide Google free hosting for a lifetime. In this process, you need a just domain and you can connect to a blogger and publish your website. after some time you need to renew only the domain. mostly new creators are using the platform.

2nd way to can purchase hosting and connect your domain with your hosting publish your website on WordPress. this is more costly rather than

As per your budget, you can choose which one you effort on your budget.

How To Start A News Website And Make Money

Now we are discus about more details all the process in:1st of all guys you need a domain. when you choose a domain then you need a news-related name. Please select a domain and purchase .2nd you choose a hosting service .after that just connect the domain and hosting.

The final and important part guys you need a News WordPress theme because the normal blog template and the new theme are different. So, please News WordPress theme. my recommendation is you can use a newspaper 10 WordPress theme.

After the domain and hosting connect just install your news WordPress theme. setup your website title and other details. create a News category and publish.


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