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Most Expensive Pen in the World

Most Expensive Pen in the World

Usually, we use a pen to write and mark anything on notebooks or paper.
But we do not know the power of a pen. Before the discussion about expensive pens in the world, we need to know some interesting facts. We will realize the power of a pen.
So let’s start,
Do you know the generation of pens?
We have been using a pen for thousands of years ago for writing purposes. Pen is only a medium to pour the ink on a surface smoothly. Famous writers and poets are known for their great writing skills. It is impossible to express writing skills without a pen. Although, there is a new way to write anything in our digital life. It is typing. It helps us to write anything speedily. But we will have to accept that a pen is one of the reasons for this recent revolution.

According to the writers, the pen is like a sword for them. Writers and poets can change an age with their swords.
If you are a pen collector or a pen lover, this informatic article is for you.
Now In this article, we will say about a few expensive pens in the world.
These costly pens are embedded with very precious and glittering metals like diamonds, white gold and colourful stones. These elements make them valuable.
1. TIBALDI FULGOR NOCTURNUS, a unique edition of expensive pen in the world. 945 handset Diamonds are embedded. 123 red rubies are also attached with beautiful designs. It has an 18-karat gold lamp on its head. It is created by a famous Shanghai company and decided the price at nearly 50 crores INR( USD 70,00,000). So, The TIBALDI FULGOR NOCTURNUS takes the position of the most expensive pen in the world.

2. MONTBLANC TAJ MAHAL  takes the 2nd position in the list of the most expensive pen in the world. It is a marvellous unique piece released three years ago. It is bound with 18-karat white gold and 38 carats of black and white diamonds.
The price of this pen is 16 crores 50 lacks INR(2 million us dollars)
An interesting fact is this piece has been presented in India and sold to an Indian collector.

3. AURORA DIAMANTE, is the 3rd most expensive pen in the world. It is created by an Italian brand. This is made out of solid platinum with 30 carats worth of diamond and 18 karat gold nib. Its price is 1 million 400 thousand(11 crores 50 lakhs INR).

4. MONTBLANC VAN CLEEF & ARPELS, is also a unique precious pen in the world. This mind-blowing unique piece is made of 18 carats of solid white gold. It is carved and designed with 800 diamonds, Sapphire rubies and emeralds. The price is 730,000 US dollars.
According to us, this is the best-designed piece.

5. MONTEGRAPPA DRAGON BRUCE LEE SET, priced at 290 thousand USD. It is a man crafting a Japanese set of pens. A famous Japanese brand Bassano del Grappa formed this set.
Its body is formed with precious celluloid and 18-karat solid gold. Its cap is embedded with white diamonds. A crystal inkpot is in this set with an 18-karat golden dragon with a beautiful fountain pen.

These are the top 5 most expensive pens in the world. These can increase the beauty of your showcase.

We hope this information will be helpful. Comment with us about which is your favourite.
Thank you.



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