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Most Expensive watch in the World

Most Expensive watch in the World

Do you know the most expensive WatchWatch in the world? Which company is manufactured?
The WatchWatch is a word that indicates the time. From the ancient period, “time” is a very complicated word. Because “time” plays an important role in our whole valuable life. Human beings understand this need and make a suitable way to define time. They already make the clock to see the time. Slowly, the clocks developed into various types after the invention of the standard clock.

Most Expensive watch in the World

Then, the human transfers the clock into a watch for traveling purposes. So WatchWatch is only a mini-size and well-developed clock. The WatchWatch is so small than a big and heavy clock. It is very easy to carry anywhere. For this reason, any type of WatchWatch is so common among people. People handily carry it to see the time. The old aged watches are very simple. You can easily handle these watches. But these have no band to tie anywhere. You have to use holding it in hand. You can carry it putting in a bag or in your pocket.

Next Generation watches are very cool. These are wristwatches. These are more suitable than old aged watches. These have a band to tie around the wrist tightly. As a result, the use of this type of WatchWatch is very easy. Its don’t need any carrier.      In this way, “watches” become a fashionable gadget among people. Recently people have used watches rarely to see the time. They use it as a fashion trend. This less-used thing is present be a fashion. But in this digital period, wristwatches are also digitalized now.

People like something and choose it as an all-time favorite fashion trend. Then it would have been expensive slowly.
You can’t believe this, how many expensive wristwatches are there worldwide?

What are you thinking? How much will it be?
We hope You are thinking 10000 INR or 20000 INR. But it’s not true!
The wristwatch, this small gadget, is so expensive. Millionaires and billionaires buy wristwatches at a too-high cost for showing.
There are few expensive watches in the world. The cost of these watches counts in billions. These are symbols of wealthy and luxurious life. These watches cost over four hundred crores($50 million). A few companies produce these luxurious and expensive watches, like Patek Phillippe, Rolex, Graff Diamond, etc. These famous brands make these types of expensive watches.

The Graff Diamonds Hallucination is the most expensive WatchWatch in the world. Its price is approx 4 Arab 12 crores($55 million). 4 Arab means 400 crores in INR. This WatchWatch is covered with 110 carats of colorful diamonds. The diamonds on this WatchWatch are very costly and rare. There are blue, green, pink, yellow, and orange diamonds on the WatchWatch. This colorful and unique design makes this WatchWatch very attractive and expensive.
An interesting fact about the Hallucination watch.
The creator of this WatchWatch, Sir John Graff, finished the design after working 1000 hours.

Graff Diamonds The Fascination is one of the world’s most expensive and second-highest watches. Its cost is approx 3 Arab (300 crores).
The Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch, with a price tag of $18 million(approx 100 crores), is also on this expensive list. This WatchWatch is covered with 260 carats of crystallized diamonds. The bracelet is 18-carat white gold. The unique skeleton design makes it attractive.
The Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime is the world’s most complicated and expensive WatchWatch.
A few more expensive watches are at millions in price, like The Rolex Daytona, Hublot Big Bang, vacheron constantin 57260, Breguet no 160, etc.



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