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Which Social Media is Best to Earn Money

Which Social Media is Best to Earn Money

Hello Guys, Are you want to earn money from Socal media? then this post for you guys. we are discus today how to earn social media and which social media is provided the best earning. Gusy now social media is the best platform which one is provided an earning potential. In social media lot of creators are already working and they are earning good incoming from social media.

Which Social Media is Best to Earn Money

At the current time, there are many social media are there who can provide earn. But one platform is best in the current scenario. I hope you know about that social media.

However, youtube is the best social media. Youtube can provide a lot of creators with earning potential. if you want to earn from social media then you can join youtube and make money from social media.

Top Socal media :

Youtube is a top social media at the current time that can provide the best earning potential. In my opinion, if you think of a good life in your society then you probably join youtube as a creator. In India, many creators start their journey and they are also successful short time. Some creators are git success with a good reputed life. Youtube is not provided only earning potential, youtube also provided good social respect to millions of people. Some people are starting their journey with some amount of equipment but now this time, they are making it professional. They have millions of followers as a celebrity.

Which Social Media is Best to Earn Money
Which Social Media is Best to Earn Money

Which Social Media is Best to Earn Money

How to Start Facebook Journey Today we are discus about sample way. Guys When you want to earn any social media that time you must have some things. What?

1st of all you have present and good discipline 2nd things you need to strongly believe you can do that. many of you have your own goal. Dot think you just create a youtube channel and after some time you can earn? don’t think you need to work on youtube as a full-time worker. Just you can take it as an office. you can manage time for youtube.

Create a Youtube youtube channel with a good name or as per your content. Guys if you are a dancer then you can create a dance video on a youtube channel, you have knowledge about bodybuilding then you can create a body balding channel gridline, and as your knowledge and interest, you can create a youtube channel.

When you want to create a youtube channel that time you need a game with your name. use your mail. this process you can on your mobile. G to your youtube and click the main menu and find out “Create a youtube channel “After that click the option and choose a name as per your wish. after that, you fill up all your details which category.

Most important you need to set up your youtube channel setup. Filup your channel details with a description and about you. Create youtube channel art and channel logo. guys another place you need to add a mobile number and that number you need to verify after that you can add your channel art and youtube video thimble.

Which Social Media is Best to Earn Money

How to create a good video :

in this part depend on you. if you have experience then you can create a good video in 1st day but if you do have not any expanse with video content then you need some time. Please practice and make to try the best content. If you do have not a carma then you can use your mobile as a camera for video recording. don’t think that without Camra you not getting success. A lot of YouTubers start their mobile or smartphone. why not you?

Just which work you expert make video content and upload your channel. keep trying your best. I hope you are grating success shortly.

Do not copy any other creator create your own talent video that can help you make focus short time. after uploading the video keep updated with a good description of you and your video. Create the best youtube thumbnail. if you do not know how to create the best thumbnail for a youtube video then you can go to the website they are provided the best platform in you can create a youtube thumbnail and edit your video also with your picture.

So Guys keep trying to generate good content.

Which Social Media is Best to Earn Money

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